21 Days ☆ 21 Dresses

a sewing stunt by melissa caringer

dress #18: half-past neptune

this simple knock-around dress is comfortable enough to throw off all sense of time and space.

everything about it is made for kicking back, including dolman sleeves, drapey jersey, elastic waist and a simple split-bodice. if you want shape or to dress it up, just add a belt.

here’s the pattern i used. it promised “easy 2 hour” and it delivered on that. (hooray!) the sketches on the envelope promised cuteness and i think it came up a little shy there. (boo) maybe that’s why they shot the model leaning over in such an awkward pose???

to whip this one up in even less time, i macgyvered the cutting process. instead of using pins, i used scotch tape. bam! way faster.

pickup line #482: “is that a space dress cuz you look out of this world!?”


♥ thanks to photographer trevor shorey


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