21 Days ☆ 21 Dresses

a sewing stunt by melissa caringer

craftily ever after

on march 27, i got married on a jamaican beach in my dream dress. the idea for it started in austria, when my husband proposed. if you can feel bliss at the sight of a ring, i did. it’s the palest aquamarine surrounded by sweet diamond leaves. delicate, whimsical and happy. that set the tone for the dress. 

next up were shoes that cost more than the whole dress—melissa dragon lady by vivienne westwood. no regrets though. my name is in the name so i pretty much didn’t have a choice! they make me smile and added an element of fun that would inspire the dress’s blue tulle ruffle.

i then chose a simple mccall’s pattern to pair with a more interesting fabric. i wanted the dress to look like i may have found it at a thrift shop…like it had a back story, some charm. this ivory pinched taffeta did the job. it’s actually a home decor fabric, but perfect. 

while the pattern is pretty simple, this was my first encounter with taffeta, linings, full skirts and boning. oh my! mistakes were made. tears were shed. fortunately, i made two so i could get in the ocean and pool with one. the wonky one became the “trash it” dress. no problem.

inside the keeper, i embroidered a heart with initials for trevor and melissa: ♥™  (bonus: it looks like we own love.)

i loved our diy wedding and the little dress with the long back story. ♥ the end

see the rest of the wedding pics here.

wedding photos by eric holubow and trevor shorey. for questions on the photography, contact us at info@trevorshorey.com

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